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[sticky post] Here ye, Here ye

This a short announcement or a very long one depending on your preference. I am writing a bunch of stories, apparantely my muse does not know how to shut up once he gets started.

Here I present to you summaries and pending titles of the fics I am working on/will be posting in the near future:

I Said Let Me In: Yunchunmin, This is already up and I hope to get this done soon. Yoomin smut coming sometime in the next two chapters.
The Murder of Kim Jaejoong: Yoomin, started for the lovely ztarplay. The first chapter is almost finished. Angst, angst, angst, as you requested.
Satisfied: Yoomin, Sequel to Distracted. Yoochun wakes up in a strangely familiar bed and what starts out as breakfast for two quickly devolves into kitchen fun. Changmin figures his cousin won't be too upset with about the mess.
Close Encounters: Yunchun, newfic. It all started with an old ratty sweater. But it really started at Seoul University, five years ago, back when Yoochun was a doe-eyed freshman from America, who had never set foot in South Korea.
Lost Night, Heartless Souls: Yunchunmin, new fic, there is not enough of my OT3 around. They can't stop bickering over who has the most kills. And he's supposed to trust them to save him when they were both sent to kill him. Is he the only one thinking that's not going to happen?
Dark Angel: Homin, new fic. Not exactly sure of the plot or if that title is going to stay, we'll see what happens.
Kissing With Style: All pairings, started need to complete. Homin is up next but what exactly the following stories are going to be about I have no idea. Summary for Homin: The soccer game they were playing had turned into more of wrestling match. Which was fine with both of them. Since the entire game was being motivated by the promise of kisses.
Innocent Fun:  This is my dedication to my first pairing. 2U forever.

That's all just wanted to update you all and tell you that these are the stories I'm working on......Yes, I am writing.
A/N: Did some editing of this. As you can see if you even notice I have taken out two fics that I will be adapting into original works instead of fanfiction because I feel as if those stories in particular are my babies. I will however be updating this with the new fics I'm putting up in place of them. Never say I am not dedicated to my fandoms. Until next time.

Dinner Alone

It's been so long since I've done this. I haven't treated myself in forever. Not like I haven't gone out, but I haven't gone out alone and just been satisfied with that. It seems at some point I stopped enjoying things like this or maybe I just associated my time spent alone with all the depressing thoughts I've ever had and couldn't find the courage to put on clothes, not hide my face, and go out and enjoy.

The things you realize about yourself when you step back and take stock of all the things you aren't doing can truly define you as an individual. I use to pride myself on being able to tell when I was locking myself away from the universe. I use to enjoy breaking myself out of those moments and letting the world tear down any boundaries I could possibly construct.

I realize I'm jaded. I've got hard edges and even harder stories and I'm always conflicted and fluctuating between my insecurities and the strong woman I am. I only want to be that take charge girl. That fuck your standards watch me do me, out of this world people wish they were this fabulous.

I should do this more often. Take a minute to reflect everyday on where you are and where you want be in your career, personal life, and academics. Then put yourself on the track to where you want to be.

Calling all Yunchun fans

Please come out and support the community by participating in our newest challange. We hope to foster a tighter community bond by helping brainstorm and serving as inspiration. Join us and let your pen take flight.

Cheating and Misogyny: Final

Title: Cheating and Misogyny: Part 2
Pairing: Jaemin, Hosu, Yunchun, Homin, Yoomin
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble
Genre: angst, drama, romance, some humor, some fluff, bitter people, etc.
Disclaimer: Not even necessary.

Summary: Women and men being cheating assholes. And other things, not really.

AN: I wrote these after reading this post: my muse. This is basically my way of saying I'm not okay with this.

Tact, Jaemin

It just kind of happened.Collapse )

Patience, Hosu

He puts him out.Collapse )

Amiability, Yunchun

She was great.Collapse )

Modesty, Homin

It felt good.Collapse )

Grace, Yoomin

His poker face in place.Collapse )


It has been forever, but not really even if it feels like it. I miss this place and the fics and the people and the greatness so with that said I have good news and bad news.

Good News

  1. I am writing

  2. I am working on fics I have started

  3. I've started new stories

  4. I have some extremely interesting plot bunnies, you'll love them I'm sure

Bad News

  1. I have yet to finish current ficlets

  2. My muse is running away with my brain

  3. I have so little time

However I will be back. Yes, I will. Have some Changmin in my absence.

Freedom is here!!!!

So in two weeks I will be free to complete everything that I set out to do at the beginning of this year.
.....like finish my stories
.....write new ones
.....beta that one fic
.....talk to gompi like every week
.....write more
.....obsess over Min and Chun
.....read dbsk fics
Finals are here and school is almost done and I am almost free. *Screams*

Best Friends

Series: I Said Let Me In
Title: Best Friends [2/5]
Pairing: Yoomin, Yunchunmin
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2745
Genre: angst, humor, romance, fluff
Disclaimer: I'm too lazy to even lie about owning them.
Poster credits myself an blv13(who doesn't actually use her livejournal)

Summary: The first time Yunho walked in on them together, they didn’t notice and he backed out quietly. He felt like the little boy he was in middle school before they appeared. Alone.

AN: The prequel to this fic can be found here. It's not necessary to read it first.

ZeroCollapse )

Yoomin Love

I started a new fic for the wonderful flailing ztarplay. Who I am now just a little bit in love with. Since I'm like 500 words into this little ficlet and the words are pouring from my mind into my fingers, I'll probably finish it sooner than I thought.


The tentative title: The Murder of Kim Jaejoong The Best, Best Friend Ever

Brief preview:Collapse )

I only attempt to be amazing in actuality I suck at it. gompi will probably love this too.


Loyal people of the livejournal realm. I, Madam Insanity, beseech ye. When thou enter into my kingdom know that no noble man ranks higher than a common one. Hither lies no dearth. For if thou seeks it, thou can find it. As the ruler of this land, I can bequeath thou anything. In turn I do ask that thou adhere to the following laws governing the kingdom.

I. Understand I am the queen and I shall do as I wish.
II. Be prepared at all times for all things.
III. Do not question my rulings.
IV. I am human like all others. Therefore I shall make mistakes. Do not hang them over my head or thou shall be banished.
V. Come into my kingdom and leave as thou wishes. I make no attempt to hold you captive.
VI. Sacrifices are not a required part of service to the kingdom. However, they are always appreciated and shall be rewarded when received.

As time draws on, more laws will be written and added hither. Look here for all your questions regarding appropriate acts within these walls. If it does not lie here then I pray you beseech me and seek the answer.

Until later, I bid thou ado.

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